George Karl Gets Reunited With Andre Miller

By: Ravneet Singh

Sacramento Kings

Received: Andre Miller

There were rumors that the Kings were after Andre Miller before last year’s trade deadline. There were mixed reviews about him back then as they are now. George Karl now gets to coach the same point guard he had back in Denver. They didn’t give much up. Ramon Sessions was having a horrible year. He’s averaging about five points a game and shooting a dreadful 34% from the floor, per His offensive rating is also at a career low at 91. 

The young team has lacked veteran leadership for a long time. Miller would help in providing veteran leadership. Even though he is a crafty player, he is not a player who is very fit. In fact, he can’t play for large spurts. He was the best guard for the Kings on Friday against the Celtics, but George Karl probably subbed him at the 4 minute mark in the fourth quarter because he was so tired. He is also very bad defensively, and this team could use some strong defensive play.

All that being said, salary wise this makes sense for the Kings. They would have owed about $2.2 million to Sessions next year and owe him $2 million this year, per Andre Miller is owed around $4.6 million this year, so the Kings freed up money for next year. Hence, the Kings grade on this trade is dependent on whether they resign Miller or not. If they don’t resign him then it’s a “B.” If they choose to resign him for a year or two, then it’s a “D+.” Since we don’t really know their plans, let’s say they deserve a grade somewhere in the middle.

Grade: C

Washington Wizards

Received: Ramon Sessions

Ramon Sessions will take Miller’s minutes backing up John Wall. Per that was only 12.4 minutes per game. John Wall plays the rest of the time at point guard, so Sessions won’t have to play well for long. He definitely does have more potential than Miller at this point. He’s only 28 and still has plenty of basketball left in him unlike Miller.

Miller has shot well from the field this year, shooting 54%, although he’s shooting an abysmal 12.5% from three. So why trade him? Well there are a few reasons. One he doesn’t space the floor well with his poor outside shooting. Another is that he is not good on defense. He has a defensive rating of 108, which is not good (the higher the number the worse).

If Sessions can play like was playing a couple years ago with the Bucks, then this will be a good trade for the Wizards. It is a low risk trade for them, because his contract is cheap and it ends after next year.

Grade: B-