Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies Preview

By: Ravneet Singh

Don Ryan/Associated Press

When looking at first round match-ups we often look at what happened between the teams in the regular season. That’s not always a good indicator. Just look at how the Wizards ripped the Raptors to shreds, even though they lost most of the regular season meetings. In this case, I believe the Warriors will do what they did against the Grizzlies in their last two meetings: embarrass them.

I know, the Grizzlies played some of their best basketball against Portland. However, it is important to note that the Trail Blazers didn’t have their best defender in Wesley Matthews, and Mike Conley’s status for the next round is uncertain.

No offense to Nick Calathes or Beno Udrih, but this Grizz team isn’t the same without their starting point guard leading them. They need Conley to have a chance in this series. Like the rest of his teammates, Conley doesn’t care if he’s hurt. The guy was playing with an injured foot that will require surgery in the off-season. I believe we will see him earlier than expected.

It’s pretty interesting how polar opposite these teams are. The Grizzlies are a grind-it-out post-up-team, while the Warriors are a pass-the-ball-around-till-you-get-a-open-three-team. Just look at the Grizzlies in Game 5 against the Trail Blazers (only took 14 threes):

Now look at the Warriors shooting 41 threes:

It will be interesting to see if Tony Allen gets the start over Lee, who played well last series. If Conley can play, he can kind of slow Steph Curry. I have the upmost respect for the Grizzlies, but this is just the wrong opponent for them to win. The Warriors will spread the floor and play up-tempo, which is not Memphis wants. Klay Thompson has had great success against Memphis in the past. Get the brooms ready for this one y’all.

Warriors in 4